Saturday, October 10, 2009

Update from the 08102009 Release

This is an update from the previous version, SMTC_Release_E_08102009.rar .
Thanks to Sudtrap and AlexR for noticing a problem with the IPF/ISF files.
The patched version should run correctly on all systems.


  1. I was going to say I found no bugs, but then I hit a single one. When you jump, and hold left, you do a spin jump. If you shoot while jumping like this, Samus changes sprites, and shoots. Afterwards, provided you aren't shooting (and are still in the air), she will revert back to her spinning sprite.

    Just imagine how rediculous that would be in SM, lol.

    Also, you can still hold down the jump button, instead of pressing it to jump. <_<

  2. Psyche, the editor isn't running. It immediately crashes when I attempt to open it, giving me a nice Microsoft report. The shell opens, but doesn't work. Nothing I clicks does anything.

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  4. Ahem, try downloading this and then run the editor.