Sunday, October 25, 2009

New items and improvements update

Today we add a bunch of useful items to the game as well as fixing the older physics bugs that were giving me a headache. Here's a changelog:

Most of the game's items have been implemented, including extra items like the Gravity Suit. So far, Space Jump, High Jump, Long Beam, Wave Beam, Ice Beam, Varia Suit, and the Gravity Suit are ready. To activate them in game, press 4, and press it again to deactivate.

Samus now runs at a speed closer to the original game's speed.
Samus now jumps the same height whether she is moving or not.
Samus's jump is now about the same as the original, and higher with the High Jump Boots on.
Water has been added but has no impact, it just looks kinda cool.
Backgrounds have been added, or at least support for them has. Since the original had no backgrounds, this feature may or may not stick depending on how much I care about it.
IPF and ISF files have been upgraded to a new version. Please don't use the old version or the game will crash on startup.
Several new sprites added, some not implemented yet.
Projectiles have been updated and no longer fire past the screen's edge.

As always, the latest version of SMTC can be found at
or by clicking here.

Leave comments if you have questions.

Also: I need suggestions on what exactly to do next. Should I concentrate on adding the remaining (handful) of enemies, or work on the newer content, or what?


  1. I think finish getting all the enemies in and then work on whatever items and whatnot you want, then do levels.

    also, maybe I'm just stupid, but how do you close out of it >_>

  2. Don't see why you don't like ESC, Salty! It's a perfectly good key. Give it a little loving alongside a "Are you sure you want to quit" dialog and it would fit in nicely!

  3. Go to your SMTC.cfg file.
    Change the line "cvar.esc_quits 0" to "cvar.esc_quits 1" and BANG. I make it look easy.

  4. Mmm.... Awesome! This update was impressive. I liked the water alot, although it didn't do anything. Objects in the foreground are cool.
    The random button favored one of the rooms. Also, I was surprised to find that bomb jumping was hard.

    I personally would like to see power ups show up. There aren't many bomb-able or missile-able objects. Past that, music and sound effects would be nice. Also, although it wasn't in the original, a run button would be nice <_<.

  5. Edit: Since I locked up Metroid classic, (In random mode, I kept being kicked into the same room. After the third iteration, it locked up.) It hasn't been working. I'll just re-unzip it.

  6. Further Edit:
    The editor still doesn't work on this compy. Aside from that, I found a funny bug.
    I set the game to Tour00, and dropped down the shaft. I then reset the game (using the menu), and started another new game. Samus spawned at the top of the shaft, but the camera had to shift back up the shaft.

  7. Final Freaking Edit:
    Okay, so I found the powerups. Huzzah!
    Uh... Well, I found another hot spot. If you head right a couple of rooms from where Samus originally spawned in Metriod, the game freezes. I don't know if my fire the wave beam had anything to do with it, but... Also, the game refuses to load anymore. Even when I reopen the app, the window is just black.

  8. I have absolutely no idea how you managed to find all those bugs, but hot damn.

    I found out about the camera rescrolling when you restart from the menu, so I'll fix that. Did you download the windows .net framework thing, and the editor still doesn't work? I know it won't work without the API because it isn't in allegro, it's in visual.

  9. Well, I literally just went for a stroll in game, and checked out the different things. Yeah, I downloaded the .net framework patch from Microsoft. ;-: Maybe it's just this compy - The only way to be sure is to get feedback from others.

  10. Well, I just tried the editor pack on a compy up @ the local university, and it doesn't the either. I'm going to test it on a Windows 7 computer soon enough. All I know is that the main editor crashes; The parser and shell open up their respective windows, but the buttons don't work. In the case of the parser, it crashes when you click a button. The deconstructer opens up a black window, with no text in it. Note that these windows are not the cmd, (although their respective cmd window opens up as well)

  11. Are you also running the latest updates as well? Here is a list of dependencies for the editor:

    .NET Framework 3.5
    Microsoft XNA Redistributable 3.0

    That should be all you need, so long as your system isn't borked =/ I have not done any extensive testing on it, but have had no issues on the machines I have.

    If you have any bugs that can with the editor, please head on over to our newly-created google code page at:

    Please post bugs that can be reproduced, or if not, your system configuration so I may attempt to investigate.

    On a further note, I will look into integrating these into an installer or otherwise at a future date.