Monday, September 28, 2009


Ahem, read the title. I'm not done and I'm not updating right now until I have something more substantial. If I made an update now, all the changes would be invisible to you guys until the editor supports the changes.

Here's what's done:
Saving and Loading (Press F3 to save when you do get your hands on the game)
Intro spruced up with a Load menu
Missile doors

With these done I'm going to start work on finishing all the enemy archetypes, then maybe add some sound.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

I hate Readme's

For anyone who needs help with the editor, I put together a short readme for you. It's not long, it's not complicated, but right now neither is the editor.

Take a look at it here

Look Ma, No Hands!

This week (or whatever time scheme I'm using now) we have an editor release. No, not some crappy editor made by me, a crappy editor made by Toasty in visual. It works like a windows program!

It makes Metroid Classic look like Pac-Man!

Also, I built an intro and made the Samstart entity work, but who cares what I did?

Download it here.

Still working on the mystery jump/shoot bug...