Thursday, October 8, 2009

Karp Karp

The image here will only make sense to one person (if I'm lucky).
Don't get it?
You're not him.

New version of SMTC today, comes bundled with the cool, useful, and downright COMMENTABLE editor. Now with fewer bugs!

Also, we have some new levels for you to play with, though nothing within those levels can kill you. The levels are called BrinRedXX.mcl and are the default levels in the cfg file. If you want to play the old levels, open up the cfg in the Metroid Classic folder change it to Brin00.mcl or somesuch.

The new levels are 100% original, and made by me. I'll connect them to the main game at some point, and that's not the end of the new levels either.

Also, you can expect to bump into the new Reo and Waver enemies if you start in Brin00.

The CFG has been updated with some new cvars to customize your experience. You may notice that pressing ESC now brings up the pause menu, allowing you to resume or go back to the title screen. If you want to quit, press F12. You can turn this behavior off by opening up Smtc.cfg in notepad and changing:
cvar.esc_quits 0 to cvar.esc_quits 1
You can also use a similar technique to turn all the doors into missile doors. I gave you 100 missiles to compensate.

Get it by clicking this.

Update: 10-10-2009
If the editor isn't working 100%, try downloading this and see where that gets you.