Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Lucky Post 13

New Alpha out today. I'm out of town starting tomorrow so I figured I'd give a bigger update than usual, though it certainly didn't turn out like that.

Items now drop from enemies
There are usable energy tanks, missile tanks, and the long beam
(Only one energy tank is actually in the game, in Brin02)
You can use morph ball

Known bugs:
The left door in Brin01 doesn't close correctly
Kinda hard to dodge those geemers in Brin00
Some of the tiles don't fade properly in Brin01

I just threw the morph ball in there and didn't do much bug testing, so please post any bugs you find in the comments and I'll get to them sometime next week.


1 comment:

  1. Found a couple bugs:
    -when going through a left door (brin01 to brin00, brin02 to brin01 in morph ball, will enter the room and retrigger the transition, landing you back in the last room.
    -if you leave brin02 without claiming the tank and then re-enter, it causes you to get one extra tank each time you pick the tank up that session. Doing this again will add another tank to the number you get (so doing it once means you get two tanks a pickup, doing it twice means three).

    New enemy placement seems to work better, and I didn't find anything else with the morph ball. Things are looking good.