Saturday, May 30, 2009

Saturday KABLOOIE Update

Bombs and missiles in this update, as well as a few other things like palette swaps.

Press A to switch to and from missiles mode. It doesn't take missiles to fire yet.



  1. Nice! I found a bug, however. If you are in ball form when you go to the room with the energy tank to the hallway room, it will kick you back into the energy tank room.

  2. It's actually for both right to left room transitions, and as far as I can tell is an issue with clipping and the trigger for the door on the left side. You get the same thing by going from the tank room to the long room, standing still where it puts you, and going into morph ball from there.

  3. Thanks fellas, I found the problem and it will be fixed in the next release. Keep them coming.