Friday, April 24, 2009

Scrolling and Injury Alpha

This week's alpha consists of the incredible scrolling room. The example now contains three rooms, the middle of which is 32x16. Also, geemers/zoomers can hit you and will reduce your energy when they do so. You can't die (yet) so don't bother.

As you can see, the game is now alarmingly close to being finished from a cosmetic standpoint, but there is still much to do.



  1. Looks good. Just one thing. In the first room, maybe start the zoomer that's closer to the door farther back? right now it's nearly impossible to go back to that room without getting hit. Other than that, awesome

  2. I managed to cause a bug where I could walk through the door in the scrolling room, even while closed.

    Also, when you get knocked through the door; heck, just walking through the door, and not exiting it can have the door spawn on you. It seems like Samus should step through the door automatically, or appear in front of the door or something; Or perhaps, the door shouldn't close if it detects Samus in it. That way, there won't be any problems with the door.

  3. You will recall, actually, that in the original Metroid, the door would close on you if you stood in it. You could then jump and roll into a ball, over and over, and climb into various secret worlds.

    I'll probably remove that, but don't say I wasn't being faithful to the original!

  4. hehe, yeah, I also remember the door glitch in the original Metroid. Used that one quite a few times to get the Varia Suit early.