Saturday, April 18, 2009

Transitions Alpha Update

The flashy-pants new alpha for this week features.... door transitions.

Yes those are the big things I told you about. They look really nice.

Download here


  1. Looks like everything is running smoothly in this release. The door transition looks nice.

  2. I was impressed with how it runs. I found one bug.
    When you return to the first room, the drip doesn't start spawning again.
    I made a few test levels, and decided to run a little test. I typed in the name of a non-existant room, and the program generated a room anyway!! It WAS a little weird, but I was impressed! I didn't expect the room to be made!

  3. The program auto-generates a single room with four walls if the room was not found, just to prevent crashing.

    The Geemer (or is it Zoomer) and the water drips are not actually stored in the room, they simply spawn in the first room you enter. When Toasty releases the editor, the entities will correctly spawn in the rooms every time.