Thursday, July 16, 2009

SMTC Shell Edit and Door functions

A triumph of UI engineering is upon us.
For I have created a functioning suite of (two) programs to edit SMTC levels with.
Really, they just allow the addition of doors to your levels, but the core is there so more stuff can be added quickly.

Also, a new version of SMTC and the old BMP Editor is bundled here, with some bugs fixed up. Big thanks to Sudtrap for finding several of these bugs.

Note: To quit the programs, just press ESC or F12. I don't recall mentioning that anywhere.


RAR file, 715KB.

Please read the Readme file before messing with the editors. Happy editing.


  1. Out of curiosity, how come a bmp parser instead of an editor like you guys had with smtc?

  2. 6 day late reply, go me.
    The answer: Toasty is making an editor that works like the old one, using various windows GUI components instead of home-brew ones. His editor will be released at.. some point.