Monday, March 22, 2010

Final RC version

This is the final version of the SMTC RC1 version. It contains fixes for the Mother Brain encounter, as well as all the previous patch versions rolled into one.

The next RC will probably be released next month, or SMTC 1.0 if I think it's polished enough. While I won't be immediately patching any minor bugs until then, feel free to post whatever bugs you do find.

Update: A few fatal errors have been patched, as of April 4.
Elevators should no longer crash the program
Helix beam hitting a corner should no longer crash the program
Transitioning in rooms should no longer crash the program sometimes
Non-standard door positions should no longer cause scrolling


  1. Salty had the wrong for the editor, so the levels were mismatched between it and the game. Thanks to John for pointing this out.

    I have modified the zip to fix this. Bad Salty! That's what separate data sets are for!

  2. Seperate data sets don't work. Bad Toasty! That's your screw up!

  3. I found this place again. Hi.

    It's a shame I don't like the original Metroid... but was occasionally giving this a whirl up until around 5 months ago. lol

    I really didn't expect you folks to plow through this. That.. determination? .. alone makes me want to play this.