Saturday, January 16, 2010

I am not happy about this

I don't know why but I'm just not happy with this release, and I'm doing it anyway. Please post bugs that you have found, if any.

Known Bugs:
Unmorphing in midair causes Samus to land and stop for 1 frame before continuing to run.
Collecting an item during a certain run frame causes the sound of footstep to repeat for a while.
Several rooms still have bad positions on the minimap.
That's all I can think of.

New Features:
Wow where to begin.

==== Sound ====
Pretty sure I got all the sounds and music from the original Metroid. Made some progress in other Metroid games as well. Have to fix a sound bug or two.
All the Music entities in the Editor work and are correctly integrated.

==== Editor ====
Added a bunch of new entities to the Editor's list. All current entities except Metroids and Rinkas work.
Note: The Save entity should be obvious. The stuff next to that is the Minigun entities that exist in Mother Brain's room.
About 1/4 of the tiles from Metroid 2 have been added, in color!

==== Enemies ====
Enemies work. Period. Send any bugs you find in. Apart from the Rinkas and Metroids, all the enemies on the Editor's list should work fully.
Ridley is fully functional. You will find him in Ridley's Lair. He has around 200 hp and splatters into gibs when he dies. If you want to fight him without traveling down there, press 6 at any time to spawn him on the top left side of your room. Killing him nets you 75 missiles.

==== Rooms ====
There are about 3 rooms in Norfair that I have not completed yet, and most of the rooms in Norfair have no enemies yet.
Kraid's Lair is done (though lacking a Kraid)
Ridley's Lair is done
Tourian is done
Brinstar is done
Save Rooms have been added to the game. Check the maps in your Images\Maps folder to find out where they are. Press F3 while on top of the save pillar to save your game. It will use the name of the game you loaded with, or entered at the start of the game.

==== Items ====
Most of the original game's equipment, and then some, is included. Still have yet to do the Screw Attack.
The Beam weapons have been overhauled. I added 3 extra beams though support for some is still lacking:
Burn Beam: Sets enemies on fire for a few seconds, dealing out damage each second. Presently not supported to actually deal out damage. Needs more graphical support. The Burn Beam is incompatible with the Ice Beam and Plasma Beam.
Shock Beam: Stuns enemies 3-4x longer than a normal beam impact. Increases damage by 1. The stun is not supported yet, but the damage upgrade is. Not compatible with the Wave Beam.
Helix Beam: The Beam becomes a Helix form, creating two seperate beams that criss-cross through the air. Increases damage comparable to the Spazer Beam. Allows the mixing of Burn and Ice beams (one on each carrier).

You no longer start the game with a default loadout. You now start with just 99 energy. If you need to test equipment, press 5 to enable the gear.

==== Misc ====
Press T during the starting music to skip it.
Don't use campaigns yet, they have not been improved to the latest formats.
The Cvar for fireworks mode causes Missiles to spray fireworks all over the place. Use it!
Old Savefiles are no longer anywhere near compatible. Delete them please.
Random games should still not work. I'm not sure if I'll include them in the final game at all.

As always, you can get the latest release at
or, by clicking here.

Please report bugs!
Also, the game is very close to completed. Here's a todo list to make the game playable from the start to finish:
Finish up Norfair (not looking forward to this shit...)
Add Acid to all rooms that don't have it.
Put in Kraid.
Put in the Mother Brain.
Put in Metroids and Rinkas.
Put in the Screw Attack.


  1. Awesome! Also, Project AM2R is still going! It's nearing completion!

    Have you ever thought about putting element weapons in Metroid? I just looked at another metroid game, and gave a list of suggestions that sounded pretty good.

    "Well, if Samus is dealing against elements in game (such as wind and or earth(how about lightning?)), the suit gives you resistance to the element. They could be bonuses that you don't need to beat the game, hidden in corners.

    Maybe for other upgrades, faster charging?

    What if you had unique beam combos in game? Such as if you turn off the wave beam, while having the ice and charge on. When you shoot walls, it forms ice crystals you can stand on, allowing you to climb walls. Of course, with the spiderball and or bomb jumping, space jump, the tactic is rendered moot. Also, super heated walls, the crystal will melt.

    If you only have wave and fire, it makes a flamethrower.

    Or.. What if you put hacking into the game? Hacking into doors, robotic enemies, etc. (Look up and play Iji if you haven't already)

    There's also shields you could make, such as -
    Have the wind, fire and charge beam equipped. Squat with powerbombs selected, and then Samus will generate a high velocity wind shield around her. If an enemy strikes Samus, it shoots out fire. (the shield costs a powerbomb)"

  2. A wide array of upgrades. You've got to remember that combat is not the largest part of the game, it's the wandering around solving small puzzles and navigating the maze.

    I put these beams in so the player would have some options as to which beams they like to use to get around. When I play Super Metroid, I don't use the Ice Beam until the very end, but other than that just the most powerful beam on hand. I figured I could allow some wiggle room for which is the most powerful beam and let the player pick.

    As for the hacking thing, I had a script written out a while ago for the next step in the Metroid series, post Fusion, that would involve something similar. I'll post it at some point, as it's a first draft right now.

  3. Yeah. Well, the element weaponry could make combat more interesting, (giving enemies immunities, etc), and could be used in puzzles, but I think the ideas better in a metroid game that you can switch beams in. (Whoops. Grabbed the ice beam. Now I gotta track ALL the way to the other fire beam, and come ALL the way back.) :D

    The game tested wonderfully! I've only beaten Metroid 1 once, admittedly, but while I was playing it I couldn't tell the difference between the cartridge and your game! (Well, until I cheated anyway :P)
    Unfortunately for lousy cheaters, when you turn off Uber-mode, any previous power ups (exincluding energy tanks and missiles) are removed, and they still count as collected.
    In BrinRed, you need to add the morphball and bombs to the beginning. The only only to get anywhere is by cheating. :(
    Also, I saw the credits. Aweshum! :3

    Btw, have you seen project AM2R?
    If you haven't, take a look at it. It's an amazing Metroid 2 Remake! (It's not SR388)

  4. Actually I have seen AM2R, and I'm waiting avidly for it to come out. If it doesn't suck, it'll be the FIRST game maker game I've seen that doesn't suck, and that's something else entirely.

    I'll rework Brinred later on when more stuff gets finalized, but I'll add the necessary powerups in first :p