Monday, August 24, 2009

Palettes and not much else

This week I have practically killed myself to bring you palette swapping.
No it's not as simple as it looks. To perform palette swapping quickly without using much RAM I rebuilt the Tiles file into custom forms. For your benefit I have included the tools I used to build them.

Download it here.

Rar file, 800 or so kB.

Notes: Sudtrap, I can't seem to reproduce your doors bug. If you can, try pressing D a few times until you see the doors values and take a screenshot for me to see.

Also: If you want to see the other palettes then just press 1 2 or 3 on the keyboard in game to switch between them. I've added breakables to Brin01.mcl as well to make getting across the room easier.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Oh no, Monthly?

Crap, it took a month just to slam this one out what with all that's been going on. Let's hope this doesn't become habit.

Here's what's done:
-About half of Brinstar has been added, and the first room of Tourian.
-A makeshift bridge is in the room where the Kraid and Ridley statues are.
-Elevators have been added, used to get from Tourian to Brinstar.
-The Parser has been patched and should accept more than 9 rooms now.
-Room transitions have been patched and look pretty damn clean I'd say.
-Door code has been cleaned up. You'll notice doors no longer randomly stay open or become untargetable.
-All the tiles have been ripped and integrated, with a few "special" exceptions. It should be possible to build all the rooms in Metroid now.
-Palettes are on the way so the tiles won't look so damned ugly.

Known bugs:
-With the present set of tools it is not possible to "unclip" tiles. So, those bushes in Brin07? Yeah, jump over them, lazy.

Get the update here

As per usual, leave comments or send emails if you find something almost dangerously amiss.

Also, if any of you know a good program for capturing video from programs, let me know so I can start making youtube teasers and demonstrations.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

To come

Been a very busy month, as I'm going to Orlando on the 4th and moving to a new city later on. All I've managed to scrape together is:

A minor patch (cures one bug I haven't seen reported)
Finished ripping all the tiles
About 8 new levels made

I'll put together a release tomorrow.

Edit: Too busy, back on the 11th!