Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Vertical Rooms and New Tiles, plus more invisible stuff

This week's update comes to you courtesy of the frustration of designing large rooms using the current editor.

So, here's what's new:

The new Cambound feature, which prevents the screen from scrolling until the cambound is crossed. This can be seen in Brin01.mcl on the left half of the room, and it looks pretty smooth.

Vertical rooms and scrolling have been added. They were already there but there weren't any vertical rooms so you couldn't tell. A new one has been added called Brin03.mcl and is the default level in the SMTC Release folder.

About 6 new tiles have been added.

Minor bomb physics changes. Bomb jumping should be possible.

Keep in mind there are door holes in Brin03 but no doors. The zoomers seem to be able to wander outside the room and come back, but you'll crash the game if you try.


Note: It's a .rar and not a .zip file now.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Breakables Update

Minor bugs fixed and breakables are now in Brin02.mcl for you to blow up with your bombs. Another minor update.