Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Toasty's Post

Hey folks, this is Toasty (you may know me as Crimson from my previous work with Salty on the old SMTC project). I've been talking with Salty about the new SMTC project, as well as helping with some debugging, and I shall get involved with it as well.

As you may or may not know, part of the reason we abandoned the old SMTC was a lack of time due to our studies at university. However, my degree is almost complete, and Salty's has been stretched to allow for more free time, and hence the prospects of piking this up again.

I'll be getting in on the action with making an editor again. This time it won't be buggy or as complex...well hopefully. I will soon have my BSc in CS, so through the years I've picked up some things to make this much better. Following the completion of my many academic projects (which should conclude in the next two weeks), I will begin work on the editor. If you have any input as to what you think I should do it in, feel free to comment, and I shall take them into consideration. I was thinking about doing it in a non-allegro program, likely using C# and .NET (Personally, I like how clean it is and how easy the classes are to work with), but this also brings up portability concerns.

1 comment:

  1. Awesome!!
    I'm glad you're back Toasty!!

    Mmm.. Let's see... For the new editor...
    First off, please make sure that you can make copies of maps. And also, so you can delete doors. (Actually, I had alot of trouble in the first editor making doors. You couldn't edit or delete them, so in essence they ruined your map if you messed up.)
    If you can pick what powerups Samus starts with.

    Other than that, if you made it so you could import things to the editor (allowing further customization of games), I think that about sums it up.