Sunday, October 25, 2009

New items and improvements update

Today we add a bunch of useful items to the game as well as fixing the older physics bugs that were giving me a headache. Here's a changelog:

Most of the game's items have been implemented, including extra items like the Gravity Suit. So far, Space Jump, High Jump, Long Beam, Wave Beam, Ice Beam, Varia Suit, and the Gravity Suit are ready. To activate them in game, press 4, and press it again to deactivate.

Samus now runs at a speed closer to the original game's speed.
Samus now jumps the same height whether she is moving or not.
Samus's jump is now about the same as the original, and higher with the High Jump Boots on.
Water has been added but has no impact, it just looks kinda cool.
Backgrounds have been added, or at least support for them has. Since the original had no backgrounds, this feature may or may not stick depending on how much I care about it.
IPF and ISF files have been upgraded to a new version. Please don't use the old version or the game will crash on startup.
Several new sprites added, some not implemented yet.
Projectiles have been updated and no longer fire past the screen's edge.

As always, the latest version of SMTC can be found at
or by clicking here.

Leave comments if you have questions.

Also: I need suggestions on what exactly to do next. Should I concentrate on adding the remaining (handful) of enemies, or work on the newer content, or what?

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Update from the 08102009 Release

This is an update from the previous version, SMTC_Release_E_08102009.rar .
Thanks to Sudtrap and AlexR for noticing a problem with the IPF/ISF files.
The patched version should run correctly on all systems.

Metroid: A Primer


Executive 1: Hey I got an idea. Let's make a game about exploration with an excuse for a plot and lots of frustration!
Executive 2: Your plans impress me, as does the size of your penis.
Executive 1: I am impressive.

Metroid 2: Return of Samus
Executive 1: That first game was a big success, let's do it again but for the gameboy. Grainier, with less color, but somehow more gameplay.
Executive 2: You could satisfy an elephant, or a whale, or both at once.

Super Metroid
Executive 1: It's been a while since we made an actually good game, how about we follow up on that last Metroid game we made.
Executive 2: Penis size joke!
Executive 1: This wears thin quickly.

Metroid Prime
Executive 1: Prequels are "in" this year (and every year following and preceeding it) so let's make one.
Clown in a Suit: I can juggle 5 balls at once!

Metroid Prime 2: Echoes
Executive 1: I fired the clown, so let's make one of those trendy Dual World type games. Like most sequels to prequels, it'll be harder and weirder, but still somehow fun.
Talking Horse: A Mr. Ed reference? That's low.

Metroid Prime 3: Corruption
Executive 2: Hey, what happened to that well endowed go-getter Executive 1?
Executive 3: He was fired for possessing a dangerously large penis. It was a threat to national security. Let's make a crappy sequel to our two prequels that will enthrall most gamers but enrage one VERY SPECIFIC one with the poor quality and emphasis on shooting instead of exploring.
Clown in a Suit: Even I can tell that's a bad idea.

And so, the story of Metroid comes to a close.
Until the new one comes out and fails to impress a blogger with too much time on his hands.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Karp Karp

The image here will only make sense to one person (if I'm lucky).
Don't get it?
You're not him.

New version of SMTC today, comes bundled with the cool, useful, and downright COMMENTABLE editor. Now with fewer bugs!

Also, we have some new levels for you to play with, though nothing within those levels can kill you. The levels are called BrinRedXX.mcl and are the default levels in the cfg file. If you want to play the old levels, open up the cfg in the Metroid Classic folder change it to Brin00.mcl or somesuch.

The new levels are 100% original, and made by me. I'll connect them to the main game at some point, and that's not the end of the new levels either.

Also, you can expect to bump into the new Reo and Waver enemies if you start in Brin00.

The CFG has been updated with some new cvars to customize your experience. You may notice that pressing ESC now brings up the pause menu, allowing you to resume or go back to the title screen. If you want to quit, press F12. You can turn this behavior off by opening up Smtc.cfg in notepad and changing:
cvar.esc_quits 0 to cvar.esc_quits 1
You can also use a similar technique to turn all the doors into missile doors. I gave you 100 missiles to compensate.

Get it by clicking this.

Update: 10-10-2009
If the editor isn't working 100%, try downloading this and see where that gets you.